CerroStudentsPic3Dr. Hard teaches both undergraduate courses and graduate courses at the University of Texas at San Antonio. For undergraduate students, Dr. Hard hopes to expand and alter their view of the world through the use of anthropology, as well as exposing the students to the details of archaeological work. For graduate students, Dr. Hard enables them to design and carry out their own anthropological research goals.

Recent Courses (click link for syllabus)
Introduction to Anthropology, ANT 1013
Introduction to Archaeology, ANT 2043
Archaeology of North America, ANT 3263
Archaeology of Texas, ANT 4113
Archaeology of the American Southwest, ANT 4123
Seminar on Origins of Agriculture, ANT 6973
Analytical Methods in Archaeology, ANT 6623
Hunters and Gatherers, ANT 5283
Proposal Writing and Research Design, ANT 6303

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